NetFUNNEL: How it works

NetFUNNEL controls the flow of requests to your server by using a virtual waiting room.

It employs a Traffic Funnel approach to manage traffic efficiently, ensuring that requests are processed smoothly and sequentially.

    Key Benefits:

  • - Optimize server load
  • - Guard against traffic surge 24/7
  • - Ensure user experience and fairness
  • - Block bot traffic

End User Flow with NetFUNNEL

Initial Request Handling

  • NetFUNNEL checks if incoming traffic exceeds the configured threshold.
  • If below the threshold, users proceed directly to the target page.
  • If exceeded, users enter a waiting room.

Waiting on Waiting Room

  • Users exceeding the threshold enter a waiting room.
  • They see their position and estimated wait time.
  • This keeps users informed and engaged.

Initial Request Handling

  • As space becomes available, users are admitted in order.
  • This ensures a smooth server load.
  • Users experience minimal delays.

With or Without NetFUNNEL


Without NetFUNNEL

Overloaded Servers

  • High traffic volumes can overwhelm your server, leading to crashes and a poor user experience.

Unmanaged Traffic

  • All users try to access the site simultaneously, causing instability.


Traffic Control

  • NetFUNNEL monitors and controls traffic flow to stay below the server's threshold.

Virtual Waiting Room

  • When traffic exceeds the threshold, users are placed in a virtual waiting room. They can see their queue position and wait time, keeping them informed and engaged.

Smooth Operations

  • This controlled approach ensures your server remains stable, even during peak traffic periods.

Intuitive Traffic Control with Limited Inflow

What is Limited Inflow?

  • NetFUNNEL’s rate limit for managing traffic.
  • Acts like a funnel size, restricting how much traffic enters at once.

Why It’s Key

  • Servers have a maximum throughput capacity.
  • Limited Inflow matches this capacity concept, making traffic control intuitive.

Big Benefits

  • Easy Setup: Engineers use familiar server capacity metrics.
  • Prevents Overload: Keeps traffic within safe limits.
  • Resource Optimization: Optimize resources by the limited inflow to match your server capacity.

Tailored Waiting Room


Redirection Waiting Room

  • Users are redirected during the wait and return to the original app once waiting is over.
  • Easy to integrate with just a few lines of code.
  • Quick setup, minimal coding required.

Embedded Waiting Room

  • Merges NetFUNNEL’s waiting room with your application.
  • Appears modally within your app, maintaining the app’s context and session.
  • Enhances user experience by keeping users in a familiar environment.

We support all types of waiting room integrations to cater to different customer preferences, ensuring seamless traffic management tailored to your needs.

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