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Key Features #01
Real-time service monitoring
NetFUNNEL collects all service information in real-time. Using the NetFUNNEL monitoring dashboard, you can monitor your service as a whole as well as segment-by-segment. Following service performance indicators are viewed: Total wait tickets / Outflow rate / Process time / Wait time / Queue / Segment status(fast, medium, slow)
Key Features #02
Independent server
Resilient architecture guarantees stable service operation without affecting customers' server connections, even when NetFUNNEL is shut down.
Key Features #03
Fully customizable waiting screen
Our waiting screen can be fully customized to reflect your brand identity. We offer various customization options including a progress bar, expected wait time, numbers of people waiting ahead/behind, message editing, company logo, etc.
Key Features #04
URL based control panel
You can easily add and manage virtual waiting rooms in our control panel. Registered URLs in project monitoring settings make the process of applying virtual waiting rooms much simpler and quicker.
We are trusted by more than 450+ brands across various industries.
NetFUNNEL™ covers 75% of the largest Korean credit card companies.
NetFUNNEL™ covers 60% of the top retailers by revenue in 2018.
Have led the market and served our customer for 10+ years
The world works with NetFUNNEL.
Over 450 clients have sustained stable service operation with NetFUNNEL while processing substantial amounts of traffic.
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“At the time of the launch of new financial product, too many users gathered and almost overloaded the server. However we controlled traffic through NetFUNNEL, which allowed us to provide seamless service.”
Manager of Sangsangin SB
“When the new savings product was released, the number of app users increased 2.6 times. If it wasn’t for NetFUNNEL, we wouldn't be able to provide a stable service”
Manager of KEB Hana Bank
“I think NetFUNNEL is the best way to protect the service from traffic spikes. Especially, it is a good solution to defend the service during a large-scale event or a product that attracts massive customers”
CMO of Online Retail company
“We considered in-house traffic management, but it required more resources while less cost-effective. NetFUNNEL was the only option that fulfilled both well-known and safe solution.”
Sales Manager of SSG
“NetFUNNEL was much cheaper to implement than increasing our own infastructure resources when we held our speical yearly event.”
IT Operation Manager of Lotte Hotel
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