Zero Down, Cost Efficiency

With NetFUNNEL’s virtual waiting room, achieve Zero-Downtime and Cost-Effective system

Why Traffic Management Matters

Turn Traffic into Opportunities

  • Traffic equals users, and users are potential customers.
  • Reliable traffic handling is essential for business growth.

The Risks of Unpreparedness

Unexpected Surges

  • Sudden traffic spikes can crash your server.

Business Consequences

  • Poor performance, inefficiency, customer loss, and high costs.

The Solution

  • Reliable traffic management is key to handling heavy loads seamlessly.

Capacity Management Challenges

On-Premise Environment

  • Preparing for peak traffic that exceeds average capacity is tough.
  • Overinvestment and inefficiencies result from scaling.
  • Post-peak, resources are wasted, leading to high costs.

Cloud Environment

  • Reserving unneeded resources.
  • Paying for 40-60% more infrastructure than necessary.
  • Unpredictable spikes hinder instant scale-out.

Enter NetFUNNEL Virtual Waiting Room

Cost-Effective Traffic Management

  • Optimize existing infrastructure, reducing expansion needs.
  • Control traffic flow to prevent overloads and ensure continuous service.

How It Works

  • Queue excess traffic to avoid server crashes.
  • Gradually let users in, matching server capacity.

Proven Success Stories

500+ Satisfied Customers

Trusted by e-commerce, finance, public sector, education, and more.

High Capacity Handling

Core servers support up to 200M concurrent users.

Boosted Revenue

76% of customers see increased revenue with NetFUNNEL.

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