Maintain your website's stability during online ticket sales, regardless of traffic levels.
Are you preparing big events or highly popular concert ticket sales? Is your website ready to handle unpredictable traffic surge? Be prepared with NetFUNNEL's virtual waiting room to provide fans with a fair chance to purchase online tickets, ensure a positive customer experience, and maximize your revenue.
Use Cases
fair and stable ticket sales
1.2M users
Supported ticket reservation for 1.2 million holiday train passengers

10% increase in ticketing
System stabilization with VWR, resulting in a 10% increase in online ticketing rates

90% of airlines
Applied to over 90% of Domestic(Korean) airlines
What to expect #1
stable service without server downtime during ticket sales
  • Providing seamless and stable ticket sales by protecting the server from traffic surges
  • Offering users estimated access times and queue position updates, leading positive customer experience
What to expect #2
enhance user experience
  • Improving the ticketing environment to enhance user satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Attracting new users and increasing revenue through fair and seamless service.