Protect your financial system where even a momentary error is not tolerated from traffic-related issues.
If concerns about downtime have held you back from planning large-scale financial events, consider NetFUNNEL to address your worries. We provide stable service through traffic control and protect your servers.
Use Cases
Secure and Efficient Financial Transactions
13 million traffic
Service protection and resource stabilization during periods of high traffic over 13 million, during peak trading days such as year-end transactions

980,000 concurrent users
Handling 980,000 concurrent users during a bank's special product sign-up event

1.3 million banking applications
Preventing downtime by handling 1.3 million traffic transactions for banking applications
What to expect #1
Protect services during peak banking days
  • Stably control concurrent usage by allocating limited resources to core services such as inquiries, deposits, withdrawals and transfers.
  • Protect key banking services during peak business days such as year-end, month-end, and tax filing.
What to expect #2
Large-scale traffic control
  • Establishing a web service system for efficient cost-effective traffic control
  • Developing solutions for large-scale traffic control to ensure stable service delivery.