If you're planning a sales event, don't forget about traffic management.
When preparing for a sales event like Black Friday, it's essential to manage unpredictable traffic. Utilize NetFUNNEL's virtual waiting room to prevent downtime and maximize sales!
Use Cases
Enhance user experience and maximize revenue.
70% increase in revenue
70% increase in revenue compared to the previous year by reliably managing the largest scale of traffic

8x Traffic
Effectively handle up to 8 times the traffic compared to the previous year during Black Friday events.

100,000 concurrent users
Providing seamless service even with 100,000 concurrent users access requests.
What to expect #1
Improve conversion rate, maximize revenue
  • Reduce bounce rates by eliminating the anxiety caused by error pages or loading screens.
  • Improve user experience by preventing system failures.
What to expect #2
Reduce IT infrastructure operating costs by 30-50%.
  • Efficiently control unpredictable and irregular traffic surges
  • Minimize additional costs for acquiring extra IT resources due to traffic surge.