If you're worried about a traffic surge by students registration, use NetFUNNEL to prevent downtime
Use NetFUNNEL's virtual waiting room to ensure seamless online course registration and save on infrastructure costs. Trusted by over 100 universities in Korea, we offer you a reliable virtual waiting room solution.
Use Cases
Seamless online registration experience
2 million traffic
Managing the annual average of 2 million class enrollment traffic while preventing downtime.

used by 100 universities
Utilized by approximately 100 universities nationwide for academic administrative services.

95% decreased complaints
After using NetFUNNEL, complaints related to course enrollment decreased by 95%
What to expect #1
Providing fair and stable service experience
  • Offering fair class registration services for all students.
  • Assisting IT administrators to operate system efficiently.
What to expect #2
Cost-efficient course registration service
  • Minimizing system operation costs by effectively allocating resources to handle traffic surges.
  • Ensuring fair and stable service with limited resources and budget.