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NetFUNNEL’s virtual waiting room proactively prevents traffic surge, ensuring your server remains stable.

With comprehensive traffic monitoring, you gain complete control over your traffic flow.

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How NetFUNNEL Waiting Room Works


Key Features #01

Quick and Easy Traffic Control

  • Minimal Setup: Apply waiting rooms anywhere in your app quickly.
  • Rapid Integration: Respond to traffic spikes without major development.
  • Keeps your server stable and users happy during high traffic.

Key Features #02

Intuitive Traffic Monitoring

  • Clear Visualization: FUNNEL-shaped UI shows incoming and waiting room traffic.
  • Real-Time Insights: Monitor and manage server load efficiently.
  • Proactively manage traffic for optimal performance and user experience.

Key Features #03

Comprehensive End-User Monitoring

  • Site-Wide Tracking : Monitor traffic across your entire site.
  • Behavior Insights : Identify popular pages and traffic spikes.
  • Optimize performance and improve user experience with actionable insights.

Key Features #04

Customizable Waiting Room Experience

  • Themes and Templates: Choose or customize to match your brand.
  • Engaged Users: Provide a branded, seamless waiting room experience.
  • Enhance user retention and trust during wait times.

Key Features #05

Ensure Fairness Against Bot Bypass

  • Block Bypass Attempts: Prevent bots from making direct API calls.
  • Maintain Control: Ensure all traffic is managed through NetFUNNEL.
  • Ensure fair access and prevent server overload from unauthorized access.

Key Features #06

Versatile Integration Support

  • Flexible Integration: Works with cloud, on-premise, web, and mobile environments.
  • Easy Setup: Detailed guides for seamless implementation.
  • Minimize downtime and handle traffic efficiently from day one.

Trusted by Hundreds of Customers

Proven Success

Over 500 satisfied customers rely on NetFUNNEL to manage their traffic.

Long-Term Reliabilitys

About 80% of our clients have been with us for over 5 years.

Cost Savings

Customers have reduced server costs by more than 75% using NetFUNNEL.

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