Planning a public event with high registrations? Use NetFUNNEL to monitor your website for stability.
Public services prioritize trust and fairness above all else, but cost savings are also a crucial factor to consider. Experience zero downtime and cost efficiency with NetFUNNEL!
Use Cases
Reliable access to public services
accommodates 1 million users
Controled over 1 million concurrent users without downtime

3.7 million concurrent users
delivered pre-orders services for COVID-19 vaccinations to 3.7 million concurrent users

10,000 online voters
Handling online elections, surveys, and other services requiring a large number of participants, ensuring stable online quequing for10,000 online voters
What to expect #1
Manage high-volume of online traffic efficiently
  • Real-time resource optimization and allocation to reduce unnecessary cloud costs.
  • Control over sudden traffic surges in registration without impacting existing systems.
What to expect #2
Ensure the reliability of public services
  • Resolve service delays and connection failures to ease users' anxiety
  • Guarantee stability of online public services to enhance fairness and reliability, reducing complaints.