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Gained a competitive edge by improving user experience for first-time customers.
Updated on Sep 19, 2023 | By NetFUNNEL Team

Asiana Airlines was founded in 1988 with the management philosophy of "customer satisfaction through the best safety and service", and has steadily grown to establish its position as a major domestic airline. However, as more and more budget airlines have emerged, competition with companies that provide good service at low cost has intensified, leading to an infinite competition system. In line with this market trend, Asiana Airlines also began actively preparing services and promotional events that meet the needs of its customers.

The first event was the "Remember 1988" event, which celebrated the 28th anniversary of the airline's founding and offered 20,000 discount airline tickets for round-trip flights on all domestic and major international routes such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Manila, and Qingdao. The event garnered a lot of interest from customers, with over 200,000 visitors accessing the site. Unfortunately, the overwhelming traffic requests led to service disruptions, and some customers gave up on making a reservation after repeatedly clicking the button. The IT department, which had little experience in event operations, and insufficient preparation for system overload, were unable to cope with the situation.

200,000+ transactions controlled at peak time without service outage

NetFUNNEL for flight ticketing

To avoid such issues in the future, Asiana Airlines decided to use NetFUNNEL for its 29th anniversary event. By using NetFUNNEL, the event and ticket reservation services were separated through control of service units, which were previously conducted on a single homepage, thereby resolving the issue of customers being unable to use the ticket reservation service due to the event service.

Additionally, for customers who were waiting to use the event service, Asiana Airlines increased their satisfaction and service reliability by showing them their expected wait time, their place in line, and the number of people who will connect after them. The IT department was also pleased with the situation because they were able to control system outage issues that they couldn't before, and through KPI improvements within the IT department, work efficiency was increased.

In the wave of global digital transformation (DX), delivering the best customer experience and responding to more predictable failure factors is crucial, and the airline industry is no exception. NetFUNNEL can serve as a traffic control solution that turns anxiety caused by massive traffic into opportunities for growth. Asiana Airlines leveraged this solution to achieve improved customer satisfaction and increased ticket sales revenue.

  • To secure a competitive edge against budget airlines, various online event promotions are conducted
  • The event and general reservation services are separated to prevent core service disruptions due to traffic overload caused by events.
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction leads to an increase in ticket sales.

What is NetFUNNEL, the Virtual Waiting Room

NetFUNNEL is the virtual waiting room for massive online traffic. Clients can protect your service from traffic spike and ensure seamless service. NetFUNNEL enables cost savings by reducing potential expenses caused by downtime and enhance the customer service experience.

To explain our virtual waiting room solution, effectively preventing downtime caused by unexpected traffic spike, resulting in potential cost savings of up to $300,000 per hour. Successfully defending against traffic surges and ensuring smooth service even during high-demand periods. Improving user experience and enhancing brand reliability by maintaining service availability.

We're STCLab, building a VWR solution called NetFUNNEL. NetFUNNEL has provided VWR solutions to 450 enterprise clients in the South Korean market and currently holds the largest market share. Stay tuned for more information on NetFUNNEL.

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