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Control online traffic peaks from Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition pre-orders
Updated on Nov 24, 2023 | By NetFUNNEL Team

Samsung Electronics is a leading company in South Korea's mobile phone, home appliance, and semiconductor industries, with a global reputation that has enabled it to become the top player in the worldwide smartphone market.

Business Challenges

To address the challenge of managing the massive online traffic surges during the launch of new Galaxy series and pre-sale events, Samsung has implemented a traffic management solution called NetFUNNEL. This enables the company to provide customers with a more stable digital service. 

During the online pre-sale of the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition in 2020, Samsung faced difficulty in predicting the amount of traffic that would be generated at the time of service launch. To manage and operate this traffic in real-time, Samsung deployed NetFUNNEL. As a result, the S20+ sold out within an hour, and the stable digital service allowed Samsung to sell more products than initially planned.

How Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition pre-orders sold out in an hour

NetFUNNEL x Galaxy S+20 Launch

NetFUNNEL controls user transactions in real-time based on the situation of the service, ensuring the best digital service with available IT resources to cope with huge traffic surges. Moreover, it allows only the number of access requests that the system can handle at the same time according to the set entry allowance. This ensures fairness by showing a "Virtual Waiting Room" to customers simultaneously.

After successful validation in South Korea, Samsung Electronics placed NetFUNNEL at the forefront of building sales sites for global services. NetFUNNEL servers were established based on AWS (Amazon Web Services) in four locations: Germany, Canada, Singapore, and Australia, creating a cloud environment and providing digital services without speed degradation or interruptions. Furthermore, Samsung Electronics proposed an optimal technical support service, including a separate ADN solution, to address issues related to speed degradation due to physical limits of local networks.

Following the success of the Galaxy S+20, Samsung Electronics and NetFUNNEL provided global services for the Galaxy Note 20. This acknowledged the technology and effectiveness of NetFUNNEL's traffic control solution as a more stable one.


  • Newly launched Galaxy S+20 sold out within an hour thanks to uninterrupted service. 
  • In order to provide services to global markets such as Germany, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, AWS collaborated to provide solutions optimized for cloud environments. 
  • Additional revenue secured due to stable service provision

Provide a seamless digital experience using NetFUNNEL

NetFUNNEL is the virtual waiting room for massive online traffic. Clients can protect your service from traffic spike and ensure seamless service. NetFUNNEL enables cost savings by reducing potential expenses caused by downtime and enhance the customer service experience.

To explain our virtual waiting room solution, effectively preventing downtime caused by unexpected traffic spike, resulting in potential cost savings of up to $300,000 per hour. Successfully defending against traffic surges and ensuring smooth service even during high-demand periods. Improving user experience and enhancing brand reliability by maintaining service availability.

We're STCLab, building a VWR solution called NetFUNNEL. NetFUNNEL has provided VWR solutions to 450 enterprise clients in the South Korean market and currently holds the largest market share. Stay tuned for more information on NetFUNNEL.

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